Online Bookkeeping


Modern business demands up to date accurate financial information. Unihill Accounting can relieve you of an enormous burden and free up quality time by taking care of all your bookkeeping and accounting needs online. We pride ourselves on being proactive in keeping abreast with all relevant and technical developments.

What is online bookkeeping?

The Online Bookkeeping system collects an electronic copy of your banking transactions directly from your financial institution and securely delivers it to your Accountanting program. Using the online process of bookkeeping, compliance accounting and reporting becomes more efficient and accurate.

Why use online Bookkeeping?

  • You won’t need to send us deposit books, bank statements and cheque butts
  • You won’t need to hire a bookkeeper or enter accounting information yourself.
  • Up to date information and reports will be more readily available from your Accountant.
  • You won’t need to buy, maintain, use and upgrade accounting software.

As a bookkeeping client we undertake to give you priority in the preparation of BAS reports, Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns

Focus on running your business and leave the accounting to us!

is online bookkeeping Secure?

An electronic copy of your bank statement is sent to your Accountant under strict security measures, in accordance with the requirements of all the major banks. The transaction data is in an encrypted form and cannot be accessed by anyone other than your Accountant.

Your Accountant cannot register with Online Bookkeeping until you have given them the authority, and at no time does your Accountant have the ability to change any details or transactions. There is no need to supply your PIN. Banklink is a totally separate system from Internet Bankling and you still receive your printed bank statement from your bank.

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